Value Statement

We once asked the question, “Why would you bring your equipment to Legacy Fiberoptics?” The answer is simple: “Why wouldn’t you?”

We maintain more than 3 million meters of characterized fiber. We troubleshoot and repair equipment to the component level, saving you time and money. We manufacture our components in-house with OEM parts to ensure quality. And we take pride in providing our customers with quality repairs, quick turnaround times, and service that includes free evaluations.

Past, Present, and Future

In 2008, as Anritsu closed its manufacturing and maintenance facility in Utica, NY, Ken Stewart and a group of former Laser Precision, GN Nettest and Anritsu employees saw an opportunity to obtain the rights to service the machines they once built. Legacy Fiberoptics was born, with a determination to support thousands of loyal customers who own and love GN Nettest equipment.

We have enjoyed more than 7 years of success providing service and assistance to thousands of loyal customers. Part of our success has been attributed to customers who refuse to give up their GN Nettest platforms, and who recognize our inherent skills in repair, service, manufacturing, optical testing, training, and long-term planning.

No one can ever truly know what their future holds. At Legacy Fiberoptics, we foresee a future that includes continued repair and calibration services, diverse manufacturing capabilities, and training and independent testing services to meet any challenge our customers face.