Legacy Fiberoptics understands that today’s networks have become more complex than ever to troubleshoot quickly.  Our Professional Service team offers a level of expertise for fiber optic network troubleshooting when a build, repair  or upgrade doesn’t  go as planned. Our engineers recognize that networks are provisioned to handle greater data loads to meet demand.  This means that our field support engineers will review each aspect of your system to confirm the highest quality construction standards are met to optimize system performance.

Our network troubleshooting team will start by looking at your cabling scenario.  Many times we find recent emergency repairs, poor installations, unreported damage or lack of  cable management practices are only part of the problem.  We strive to eliminate any issues found with cable plant installation for both ISP and OSP fiber networks.


Our technicians will also perform 100 % visual connector end face inspection.  We know that 80% of all problems in fiber optic networks are caused by dirty or damaged connectors.  Improper cleaning techniques can cause high insertion loss along with Optical Return Loss which can create high bit error rates or even require a full system restart.   Cleaning and visual inspecting connections is one of our primary concerns before testing is done.

Genes pic from cut cable
Connector max fail

Once our technicians begin testing the real time analysis can begin.  The picture to the right is from a customer who had a long distance link which was giving them  issues for a long time taking intermittent errors.  Our technician went into the field and inspected the link.  After visually inspecting the bulk head connector and patch cable, a damaged connector was not a concern.  After testing the link for a few different parameters we were able to determine the span had an ORL issue.  After another few minutes of testing we were able to determine a bad bulkhead sleeve at the adapter panel.


If we find an issue with your fiber cabling, our technicians can either suggest or perform corrective actions to remedy the issue.  If the customer opts not to implement the corrective action, Legacy Fiberoptics will document the issue in our final reporting for future review.  We are also available for onsite inspections, audits documentation and developing as-built drawings.


Please call our Professional Services group at 315-507-4274 discuss your network today.