Optical Spectrum Analyzer or OSA testing offers flexible and accurate analysis of CWDM, DWMD and Next Generation networks. OSA testing is becoming more important in next generation networks as ROADMs are introduced  and begin to manage multiple types of signals.  Legacy Fiberoptic engineers use OSA testing to accurately assess multiple live transmissions down a single fiber for 10,40 and 100gig networks.   This style of testing will allow engineers the ability to pinpoint channel spacing and other key parameters which can make all the difference for network operators.

Legacy engineers are able to offer real time analysis of OSA test results for a variety of networks being built or operated today.   This includes next generation networks  being engineered today which incorporate new network elements and transmission gear.  These new elements and transmission styles ultimately need to be tested and ensure proper functionality across complex networks.

OSA report

OSA Measurement

Note that ROADMs have changed the testing world drastically as the old style of OSNR measurements are no longer valid.  Older style OSNR measurements generate test results full of inaccuracies which can lead engineers on a wild goose chase when trying to identify why a link will not work properly.  Today’s  most current test gear will account for the change in the noise floor when ROADMs are involved in the network.  Be aware that next generation networks cannot be tested accurately with a traditional OSA.  This creates a whole new set of testing challenges which Legacy Fiberoptics is ready to face.

OSA measurement

WDM Signal


WDM 10G signal with ROADM



When network providers begin to turn up multiple types of signals including 10gig, 40 gig and 100 gig over one fiber (known as Brownfield Installations), OSA testing is a critical aspect of the installation.   Brownfield installations are going to be the most difficult systems to turn up and troubleshoot as new signal impairments are created by multiple transmission scheme styles.   Having a contractor like Legacy Fiberoptics using the latest measurement techniques and software to analyze issues will quickly save time and money as problems are identified the first time and corrective actions can be put in place quickly.

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