Legacy Fiberoptics Training service offers you a flexible training curriculum customized to your specific needs. We believe that custom training offers your technicians the best opportunity to learn about topics they encounter frequently. We’ve found that spontaneous conversation among attendees adds to the training sessions, as personal experiences are shared. By incorporating classroom theory with real world examples from our Characterization service, we also enable you to expand your knowledge base through our experiences, both good and bad. We believe that continuing education should be informative, directly applicable, rewarding, topic-flexible, and most of all, fun.

We offer 1 to 4 day on-site course designed for installers based on our experience with many diverse applications using fiber optics.  Some of our most popular topics are listed below.

FOA Certified Course

The FOA certified CFOT course is designed to be a hands on course for installers looking to learn about fiber optics.  This course will address the basics of fiber optics then move into more advance topics to give students a thorough understanding of fiber optic installations.  Course curriculum is designed for beginners but will address advanced topics like network architectures, fusion splicing and fiber optic testing.



Custom Training Courses

Learn the basics of fiber optics including the physics of light, different fiber types, cable construction, connector terminations, cleaning and basic network architectures.  This course is a good start for anyone getting started in fiber.


Become familiar with  the components and installation techniques used to build  a fiber optic network.  This course will cover OSP and ISP construction.  Course content include cable pulls, racks, cable management, choosing the right OSP enclosure and ISP panels, Tier 1 and Tier 2 Testing and Fusion Splicing!


Learn how to test fiber optics to industry standards.   This course will cover Tier 1 and Tier 2 testing.  Learn to how to take Light Source and Power Meter measurements along with Optical Return Loss and OTDR testing.  Testing best practices, inspection, in field data analysis and troubleshooting basics will be covered to complete this course.


Fusion splicing is the preferred way of joining fiber optic cables due to the high performance nature of a splice.  This course will teach you the basics of fusion splicing including Core vs Clad Alignment splicers, splicer and cleaver maintenance, fiber to fiber splices, Splice on Connectors and Pigtail splicing.  For additional experience this course can be extended to include hands on ISP and OSP splicing techniques.

Fiber optic splice cassettes

Analyzing and preparing test data for final reporting can be a difficult task without the proper training.  Our Trace Analysis course will teach you how to analyze data along with generate reports for a professional looking deliverable end product.  Additional topics including documentation and exception logs, templates and common testing specifications will be covered.


Troubleshooting a network or fiber installation can be a challenging task without the proper equipment and knowledge.  This course will teach you how to minimize time spent troubleshooting and get the network back up and running.  This course will cover suggested troubleshooting equipment, supplies, inspection, real world examples and exercises.


This broad course will provide overviews of fiber optic networks such as Long Haul, Metro Regional, Local Area Networks, PON Fiber to the Home, Submarine, Cellular and Distributed Antenna .   This course will cover the basics on how to test fiber in each of these network scenarios.


OSP work can some of the most challenging work for a fiber technician.  OSP  components are rugged and built to withstand the elements.  Understanding the most recent and best practices for installing OSP materials can make all the difference on a project.  Course covers conduit installation,  locating devices and tracer tapes, cable pulls, OSP enclosures, ADSS installs, OSP splicing, OSP cable construction, prep and fan out kits.

Fiber optic cable in white background

If  you own or rent GN Nettest gear including the CMA 4000, 4500 or 5000, CMA 50 or  GN 6025 and need a refresher course here it is!  Learn about  testing best practices, machine maintenance, reporting and the latest available upgrades to keep your unit testing for years to come.

GN Nettest CMA 4000 OTDR

To book you training class or receive more information please call our Professional Services group at 315-507-4274