Fiber Characterization Team Completes 46 Span Project

Testing High Speed Fiber Optic Network

Our Fiber Characterization engineers have been out on the road doing what they do best; testing 46 spans of a high speed fiber optic network. The project took approximately 6 weeks to complete; taking our team through 12 states and driving approximately 3000 miles. Our time on the road took us through major city POP locations, remote amplification sites and even one underground location.

The project definitely had a few challenging moments including bad fiber, damaged connectors and a few bad connections. Each challenge required our technicians to troubleshoot, diagnose and coordinate with project managers to find a solution. We attribute our success to our engineers being experienced, well trained and well equipped to handle issues that they found in the field. By the end of the project our motto “Button pushers not welcome” really became our attitude as field engineers were required to troubleshoot issues almost daily.

Legacy Fiberoptics opened a Professional Services division to offer Fiber Characterization, Optical Network Testing, Training and Trace Analysis. As a company with a deep background in optical test and measurements, we knew the Professional Services division would showcase our expertise and benefit our customers around the country. Contact our Professional Services group to have us bid on your next testing project.

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