Legacy Fiberoptics is now an authorized service center for Anritsu.

Legacy is an Authorized Service Center / Distributor for Anritsu

Legacy Fiberoptics expands its relationship with Industry Leader, Anritsu.

Legacy Fiberoptics is able to provide full-service repair and calibration for select Anritsu products as an authorized service center. With an east coast-based location, Legacy can offer a more efficient and quicker turnaround time for repairs to east coast customers.

Legacy Fiberoptics went through extensive training with Anritsu staff to ensure the repair and calibration processes are meeting Anritsu’s standards. Having worked as Anritsu some years ago before Legacy was formed, their highly trained technicians are experts in their field and ready to serve the industry in a more holistic way.

How will this Affect the Process?

The Legacy Units our customers have learned to love and rely on are still serviced here at Legacy Fiberoptics, Inc. These include: CMA 4000, CMA 4500, CMA 50 & CMA 5000. You can request an RMA Here.

Outside of that, we now service the Access Master lines & select Site Mater & PIM units. In order to get these units serviced, please email to get the process started. Depending on the service needed and your location, your unit will be sent to Legacy for repair/calibration while all billing & RMA administration will go through Anritsu with our constant guidance.

Legacy Fiberoptics, Inc. looks forward to serving its existing customers and welcoming new customers with this expanded service.

What Anritsu Models Do You Service?

We service the following list of Anritsu models:

  • S361E
  • S331D
  • S331E
  • S331L
  • S332E
  • S332D
  • S362E
  • S331P
  • MW82119B
  • MT9085A
  • MT9085B
  • MT9083Al
  • MT9083A2
  • MTI000A
  • MT9090A
  • 5000A-XXO-XX
  • 5000-XXO-XX
  • 52:XX-XXX-OTDR-X
  • 5700-:XXX-GIGE
  • 45:XXX-XX-X-XXX-XX
  • 50PM
  • 50LS
  • 50LTS
  • 5Pl00
  • CMAS