Our History & Beyond

History of Legacy Fiberoptics

Legacy Fiberoptics was formed in 2008 by Ken Stewart and a group of former employees from Laser Precision, GN Nettest, and Anritsu. Their goal was to continue providing quality service and support to thousands of customers after these fiber optic facilities were downsized or closed.

But the history of Legacy Fiberoptics spans decades before our formation, building upon a remarkable heritage of telecommunications providers around the world. The leaders shaping Legacy Fiberoptics today have been key players in the unfolding of the industry for decades. This level of experience and expertise is what enables our team to offer unmatched service and support to our customers.


Laser Precision Corporation was founded in Yorkville, NY primarily designing and manufacturing cutting-edge radiometric devices and equipment.


Laser Precision Corporation began expanding its product lines to include fiberoptic test equipment and chemical analytical equipment (as Analect), later going public in 1981.


All Laser Precision Corporation stock was purchased by GN Great Nordic Ltd of Denmark, which later became known as GN NETTEST and then NETTEST.


NETTEST was sold to Anritsu Corporation of Japan Utica Division and was then renamed Anritsu Instrument Company (AIC).


Anritsu began closing manufacturing in AIC moving all its production to Japan.


AIC downsized all departments — manufacturing, engineering, validation, quality, sales, accounting, and R&D/Marketing. AIC’s customer service assets were obtained by Legacy Fiberoptics.


Legacy Fiberoptics began manufacturing optical modules for NTest’s Remote Fiber Test System.


Legacy began repairs and order fulfillment for Orbcomm’s global satellite M2M tracking systems.


Legacy became a service/repair provider and distributor for Kin Young Photoelectric Company.


Legacy became a Kingfisher Authorized Repair Center and launched new professional services, including Fiber Characterization and Training Onsite Program Management.


Legacy received the Small Business Excellence Award for superior customer service.


Manufacturing of all NTest product lines is transferred to Legacy Fiberoptics.


Legacy became a training center for the Fiber Optic Association (FOA).


Became an authorized Anritsu Repair Facility for their Fiber Optic Equipment.


Became Anritsu’s East Coast Service Center for Site Master Radio Frequency (RF) equipment.


Became Anritsu’s East Coast Service Center for PIM equipment and a service/repair and distributor for American Ilsentech (UCL SWIFT).


Acquired DOERS’ customers and service floor necessities after their retirement in order to continue servicing Corning splicers & cleavers.


Ken Stewart sold the business to Gabriella Marchesani, who upholds the values, commitment to quality, and industry standards to which Legacy customers are accustomed.

Superior Service

At Legacy Fiberoptics, our roots in this industry run deep. Our knowledge, experience, and commitment to quality enable our team to provide superior service to our customers. We are dedicated to doing everything possible to repair our customers’ existing units before recommending new equipment purchases, ultimately saving valuable time and resources. Our professional services team works to troubleshoot challenges our customers may be facing, share detailed professional service reports, and provide honest, authentic customer service.

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