Kingfisher MPO Testing Kit
Kingfisher MPO Testing Kit

Optical loss testing for MPO / MTP™ cables both Singlemode and Multimode applications in one kit.

Testing wavelengths include SM 1310/1550nm and MM 850/1300nm

All units are EF compliant

Fast and easy testing procedures, automated testing, KITS custom reporting software included.

Power meter saves testing data, one button data transfer using USB port

Interchangeable connectors with dust cap & tilt bail

Screw-on adapters for most connector styles

Connector end face inspection microscope x200 available.

Connector cleaning tools & materials for MPO / MTP™, SC, LC connector styles.


Each kit contains:

KI2824 Optical Light Source & standard accessories

OPT076 LC Connector, qty 2, for source

KI 2600XL-Ge5 Optical Power Meter & standard accessories

OPT227 Connector Adapter XL 7/8-28, MPO

OPT224 Connector Adapter XL 7/8-28, 1.25 mm universal

OPT201 Connector Adapter XL 7/8-28, SC

KI6610 Microscope & standard accessories

OPT677 Scope adaptor MPO/ MTP™

OPT678 Scope adaptor MPO/ MTP™/APC

OPT682 Scope adaptor 1.25mm Universal

OPT154B Carry case and standard contents

OPT401, MPO/ MTP™ reel cleaner

TOOL CLEAN-05A Stick-type MPO/MTP™ connector cleaner, 10 sticks