Legacy Fiberoptics, Inc. Celebrates 15 Years of Superior Service

Legacy Fiberoptics Celebrations

For our team at Legacy Fiberoptics, there are many reasons to celebrate this year. Not only are we celebrating our 15th year of serving our clients, but our President, Gabriella Marchesani, is celebrating her first year of serving our team through this leadership role.

“I am honored to have become the owner of an ever-changing and growing company,” Marchesani said.

Founded in 2008, Legacy Fiberoptics has remained committed to providing quality customer service while staying on the cutting edge of this rapidly evolving industry. In addition to our trusted care and maintenance services for our fiber optic customers, our team has diversified along the way. We now offer an array of services, including repair for fusion splicers and cleavers, fiber characterization, and other professional services like training opportunities. We are proud to partner with industry-leader Anritsu, serving as a certified repair facility for their fiber optic and radio frequency product lines. We also became a partner with America Ilsintech (UCL SWIFT) to distribute their product lines as well. Most recently, we acquired the service aspect of Davey Optical Equipment Repair Service (DOERS) and now service Corning products to ensure their Legacy equipment lives on.

But innovation should never squash out good business ethics. To this day, our team holds to our core values. We stay Adaptive, Innovative, Authentic, and we always Do Our Best. These focused values drive our desire to better ourselves to prepare for the future of fiber optics.

“Although we have been in business since 2008, it is exciting to enter a new phase of growth as we prepare to enter the next chapter of Legacy Fiberoptics, Inc.,” Marchesani said.

Our team is continuously working to improve our internal processes, seek new training opportunities so we can offer services for other product lines, expand our suite of repair services, and use our time efficiently so we can pass cost savings down to our clients. In all we do, we seek to offer a superior service experience to our customers.

As business owners ourselves, we know how essential it is for mission-critical technologies to work efficiently. When key machines go down, your business suffers. Our team at Legacy Fiberoptics has your back. We leverage our years of experience in the field and in the lab in order to provide the most comprehensive and thorough repairs to our customers. We provide ongoing maintenance to ensure that your machine stays running for as long as possible, helping you maximize your overall investment and avoid expensive replacement machines.

Our Legacy Fiberoptics team doesn’t just provide system repairs. Our fiber characterization testing can help your business ensure that your networks are handling traffic effectively, especially as the demands on fiber optic infrastructure continue to grow. We provide a professional, in-depth report that will help our network engineers determine what adjustments or repairs need to be made in order to continue to provide quality network services. Identifying and addressing system weaknesses can help your business save money and avoid catastrophic network failure.

“It is clear to me the impact we have had on the community and the industry,” Marchesani said. “I am very excited to see what else we can do in the next 15 years.”

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