Kingfisher Inspection Microscope offer high magnification with IR filters for an affordable price. View centering adjust and simple dial rotation focus make for easy operation with a safe, crystal clear image. 400x magnification.

  • Part number KI6611
  • PRICE: $503.51
  • Fiber Optic inspection microscope 400x magnification.
  • Industry best image quality & ease of use
  • Improved red and infra-red eye safety filter
  • Triple LED illumination: coaxial, oblique and core
  • Easy focus and X-Y image centering
  • AAA battery, external power input, low battery indicator
  • Stabilized illumination with convenient timer
  • Lanyard and tripod mounts
  • Optional adapters for most optical connectors including duplex LC / SC
  • MPO & MPO/APC ribbon fiber adapters for x200 magnification
  • 3 year warranty

Compare against other 400x microscopes with IR filters; our pricing is extremely competitive.

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